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A charming, warm-hearted picture book about a family of birds who take home an egg and, even though the crocodile that hatches from it doesn't look or act like the rest of the family, he belongs.


A family of birds stumble across an egg in the bush and take it home with them. The family are thrilled when a little crocodile hatches from the egg, but the other animals are a little confused. 


'Why do you keep him?' they ask. 'Is it because he's helpful?' 


'He is helpful,' replies the family, 'but that's not why we keep him.' 


As Croccy gets bigger, the bush animals become more confused. 'Is it because he's beautiful? Is it because he's fun? Is it because he makes a great coat rack? Is that it? Is that why you keep him?'


Croccy is beautiful, and he is fun, and he does make a great coat rack.


But that's not why the family keep him. They keep Croccy because he belongs with them. And that's that.


A Crocodile in the Family is a beautiful picture book with a whole lot of heart about family in all its shapes and sizes. It's the perfect bedtime read for kids aged 3+.

A Crocodile in the Family

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