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Surprise! There's a new arrival! 

About Kitty Black

Kitty currently lives in Perth, but has lived in lots of other places like Melbourne, Hong Kong and Mt Isa. From these experiences she learned that she likes café’s, the ocean (looking at it but not necessarily being on it) and internet access.

Kitty studied psychology and wound up doing lots of research type things and talking to people about their feelings type things, but mainly discovered that stories are the most important things in the world.


Then she met her husband, had babies and forgot everything she’d ever learned about anything until she got some sleep.


Once the babies were a bit older Kitty got back to stories, writing freelance articles and blogging. This could be accomplished while wearing trackies in bed so Kitty was very happy. Then her  children started saying things like ‘Tell me a story Mummy!’ So she did... and then she remembered how important stories are. So she wrote more. Her first picture book ‘Who’s Afraid of the Quite Nice Wolf’ was released in August 2019, with two more coming in 2020.


These days, Kitty can be found in lots of places, often in café’s with internet access, near the ocean, writing a story. She is very happy, as are her husband, two children (who do sleep now), two cats (actually they’re probably not happy unless they’re getting fed; the proper food, not the dry food... ugh) and a puppy named Polly (who is always, always very happy.)

Books Written by Kitty Black